Translation Services

  • Communicating with Diverse Families

    新澳门六合彩开奖 (KSD) families speak more than 130 languages. We use interpreting services and translation tools to communicate with our diverse community.

    1. We use an interpreting service via telephone and online. 
    2. We arrange for a district interpreter upon request. If you need support with interpretation or translation services, please contact your teacher or office staff. 
    3. We distribute information on our district and school websites which can be quickly translated into more than 100 languages.
    4. We distribute information on our district's app which can be automatically translated into more than 70 languages.

    Translate Our Website

    Use the "Translate" feature to quickly display our website into more than 100 available languages via Google Translate. 


    When viewing our website on a desktop or laptop computer, click "Translate" in the upper left corner above the logo and select your preferred language from the drop-down menu. 

    Screenshot of where to find the translate button on the KSD website when using a computer

    Mobile Device

    When viewing our website on a phone, tablet, or another mobile device, touch the "Menu" button at the top, scroll down to "Translate," and select your preferred language.

    Screenshots of how to translate the website on a mobile device

    Translate Our App

    The 新澳门六合彩开奖 app, available for free in the  or , can be set to automatically translate content into more than 70 different languages. 

    After downloading and opening the app, swipe left until the "Settings" icon (three gears) is visible, touch the "Settings" icon, touch "Select Language," and select your preferred language.

    Screenshot of how to translate our app

    Translate Skyward

    Follow the steps to translate Skyward Family Access into one of more than 100 different languages using the Google Chrome internet browser. 

    Microsoft Translator

    Microsoft Translator integrates with Microsoft products to provide quick, easy, and relatively accurate communication in more than 60 different languages.

    The live conversations feature supports accessible learning with live captions while also removing barriers in parent-teacher communication with live text and voice translation.

    Find resources for using Microsoft Translator.

Last Modified on June 27, 2023