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  • Kent School Board Mission

    As trustees for the community's schools, the Kent School Board of Directors is responsible and accountable for vision, structure, advocacy, and accountability. Specifically, the Board's functions lie in the following areas:

    • Adopting policy.
    • Planning and assessing short and long-term goals.
    • Authoring and reviewing the District's Strategic Plan.
    • Acting as a liaison between the community and the District.
    • Hiring and evaluating the superintendent.
    • Advocating for students, the District, and public education.
    • Approving a budget that reflects the priorities of the District and community through responsible use of monies.
    • Advocating for appropriate state and national educational salaries and laws.

    Increasing academic achievement and accountability for every student is the primary goal of the School Board and the District. Each school develops a school improvement plan annually to address specific student achievement goals.

    Duties of Individual Board Members

    The authority of individual board members is limited to participating in actions taken by the Board as a whole when legally in session. Board members do not assume the responsibilities of administrators or other employees. The Board or employee is not bound in any way by any action taken or statement made by any individual board member except when such statement or action is pursuant to specific instruction and official action taken by the Board.

    Protocol Guidelines

    The School Board emphasizes policy making, planning, and advocacy for the benefit of children. To support a partnership in responsibility and teamwork, the Board and the administration agree to protocol guidelines that define conduct and working relationships that specify the manner in which board meetings will be conducted.

    These guidelines stress consideration of research, best practice, and public input in its decision-making. View Complete Board of Director Protocol Guidelines.

    Accommodations and Interpreters

    If accommodations are needed to attend a board meeting, please email communications@kent.k12.wa.us.

    If an interpreter is needed, please contact translations@kent.k12.wa.us.

    KSD School Board members and Superintendent Israel Vela

Board of Directors

Last Modified on January 11, 2024